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MiPet Endectrid

Find out more about our flea and multiwormer product, Endectrid. Here you will find information on the insects, mites and worms that can be treated with Endectrid and how often you need to apply this product. Endectrid is effective treatment for lungworm, which can be fatal. As there is a significant risk of lungworm in the Sussex and Surrey areas, we highly recommend this treatment.

MiPet Quantex

Our worming product, Quantex, is used to treat tapeworm. All animals should be protected from this parasite but it is especially important to treat your pet if he or she is a hunter. Quantex, given in conjunction with Endectrid will cover your pet for all the common parasites found in Great Britain.

MiPet Quantex Cat Wormer

Many people find giving their cat a tablet a real challenge. For this reason we have chosen to supply our clients with a spot-on treatment for worming your cats. Using the same pipette method as the familiar ‘flea drops,’ clients are able to treat their cats for tapeworm, a common parasite, especially among cats that hunt.

Be lungworm aware

Lungworm can be spread by snails and slugs – your dog does not need to eat a slug to become infected. Even eating grass that has a slime trail or chewing on a toy that has been out in the garden can put your dog at risk. Lungworm symptoms can include coughing, behaviour changes and blood clotting disorders. Often the disease is recognized too late. However, using preventative products can keep your pet safe from this insidious infestation.

Royal Canin

Check out this handy website if you would like to find out more about cat and dog nutrition. There is also a ‘knowledge’ area with information about grooming, exercise, allergies and much more. Royal Canin offers both lifestage and clinical diets. We recommend these diets at our clinic because we trust the research behind the products.