Hospital facilities

We have a dedicated kennel area for pets awaiting surgery or being treated as inpatients. Our inpatient nurse will make sure they are comfortable, with suitable bedding and access to food and water as required, as well as coordinating medication protocols with the supervising vet. Sick animals may be placed on intravenous fluids and may be intensively monitored as necessary.

All dogs staying with us are walked every couple of hours and every effort is made to keep all animals as comfortable and settled as possible. Inpatients are examined thoroughly and heart rates, respiratory rates and temperatures taken twice daily by our nurses, with daily veterinary checks as well. We will endeavour to keep you informed throughout your animal’s stay in hospital, with telephone updates twice daily usually. We can even arrange owner visits on request.

Animals with potentially infectious diseases are hospitalised in a separate isolation facility and special precautions taken to ensure good hygiene and patient safety is maintained at all times.