Nurse clinics

Our team of qualified nurses are able to provide consultations at Horsham and Billingshurst by appointment at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday: 11am – 12.30pm and 3pm – 4.30pm
  • Saturday (Horsham only): 10am – 11am

Junior clinics

  • Free of charge. Aimed at dogs aged six to eight months (approximately).

Your dog will have a clinical examination by a nurse during this 30 minute appointment. They will discuss any concerns and give advice as required.

It is also a good opportunity to get your puppy familiarised with the veterinary environment whilst young.

Kitten clinics

  • Free of charge. Aimed at kittens aged 12 weeks to six months (approximately).

The appointment will last approximately 30 minutes and during this time your cat will have a full clinical examination by a nurse. Any concerns can be discussed and advice given as needed.

It is also a good opportunity to get you cat used to being examined and coming into the practice.

Senior clinics

  • £76.33 for a 40 minute consultation.

Dogs, cats and rabbits all benefit from health checks as they grow older. Just as with people, pets tend to develop age related diseases such as arthritis and cognitive dysfunction. Our nurses can give your pet a health check and advise whether or not it needs to see a vet for further diagnostic testing.

If you would like to book in a full senior clinic with a nurse we are able to do a blood test, urinalysis and blood pressure as a package, which reduces the cost considerably. These tests allow us to assess liver, kidney and cardiovascular function. If your pet proves to be healthy, these tests can work as a baseline so that we know what is normal for him.

If there are some irregular results, the vet has information to investigate further and advise on appropriate treatment protocols. As with all disease, catching things early makes it much easier to treat and enables us to keep your pet’s quality of life at its best for as long as possible.

Weight clinics

  • Free of charge. For overweight cats and dogs.

We will provide advice and support for clients helping their pets lose weight. Pets are normally referred after seeing a vet, however, please feel free to call and ask to speak to one of the nurses for more information. We can supply dietary advice specific for each individual as well as offering prescription diets.

Travel clinics

  • Free of charge.

If you plan to take your dog or cat abroad, head nurse Alice can offer advice on what you need to do in terms of preventative treatments, legal requirements and passports.

Dental clinics

  • Free of charge. Aimed at dogs and cats following dental treatment, or for young pets to prevent dental problems occurring.

After your pet has had any dental treatment it is very important to continue/start regular dental care routines. During this appointment the nurse will discuss with you toothpastes, brushing, diet and any other concerns that you may have.

We are also happy to advise you if you haven’t seen a vet about your pet’s teeth, but we may need to refer you to a vet should the situation demand it.

Diabetic clinics

  • Free of charge. Following a diagnosis of diabetes by your vet.

Our nurses Leannda and Claire are able to offer instruction on the management of a diabetic pet and conduct monitoring tests

Renal clinics

  • Free of charge. For cats or dogs with chronic kidney disease diagnosed by your vet.

Monitoring of chronic renal cases by our nurse Caron, who can offer support and advice for owners.